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 About the Inn

   The Wellsboro Inn on the Green was built in 1939 by Arthur Lofgren. Mr. Lofgren and his family lived here until 1997 when the house was put up for sale. This home was always filled with music. Mr. Lofgren taught music lessons here in his home and at the local schools. You can imagine the rich heritage and the love of music that Arthur Lofgren left on the lives of his many students. Still, in one of the guest rooms, is the old phonograph and radio that he listened to. You can enjoy the sounds of days gone by even today.

   This home holds not only a prime spot on our downtown historic square but it holds memories that jump out at you when you open the kitchen cupboards or hear the wonderful sounds of old hardwood floors.

   While sitting on the front patio at the umbrella table,the sounds of fountains and passersby are enough to lull you to a nap or to remind you of older days when life was truly...more simple. The church bells ring faithfully as a reminder of all that God has given to us in this life time. It is as if they say "Won't you linger for a moment and listen? Life is short and we have so much to be grateful for."

   As you enter the Wellsboro Inn on the Green after an evening meal in downtown or after a walk just before sunset, there are books, a fireside, gardens, and much more to enjoy during your stay with us. If Arthur Lofgren were alive today, he would no doubt be happy that the home he loved so much is still bringing joy to others. There are no music lessons given here any more but Wynken, Blynken and Nod provide just the right notes for a grandiose stay! There's a bedtime story in every room!

The Gathering Place: The main living room which overlooks the Green is open to guests who stay in the main house. Great place to have a card game, read a book, watch TV or chat with other guests.  Click here to view photos

The Kitchen: A fully furnished kitchen is open to you 24 hours a day. Coffee, tea , bottled water and other snacks are provided for you. Click here to view photos

   You are welcome to bring some of your own snacks and beverages. There is plenty of space in the fridge and on countertops. No cooking or baking is permitted at the Inn.

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